HCA Badminton Club Constitution

Last updated: June 12, 2013

General Rules & Aims of the Club

1. The Club shall be known as HCA Badminton Club
2. We shall aim to be a friendly yet competitive Club
3. The Club is affiliated to the Badminton England and all members shall observe The Laws Of Badminton
4. All members should encourage a friendly atmosphere
5. No member shall ridicule or shout at other players for making a mistake or losing a game
6. We shall provide & encourage a social aspect to the Club together with the normal facilities of the badminton club


1. Our Headquarters and playing base shall be the Hazlemere Community Association

Annual General Meeting

1. The Club’s financial year shall end in August and an Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be called in June or July following the end of the match playing season
2. Notice of the AGM shall be sent to each Club member by email and posted on the Club Score Board as least 14 days prior to the meeting
3. Changes to the Constitution shall be forwarded to the Secretary at least 7 days prior to the meeting
4. At the AGM the Club’s balance sheet will be submitted by the Treasurer
5. Fees shall be presented for acceptance by the members present
6. The new Committee will be duly elected
7. A quorum for the AGM shall be deemed to be at least one third of the current fully paid up membership


1. Our committee shall be made up of the following officers:
 Chairman
 Treasurer
 Club Secretary
 Match Secretary
 at least two other members
2. The Committee shall meet at least 3 times a year and shall be liable for re-election at each Annual General Meeting
3. The quorum for any Committee meeting will be 3 Officers and 1 Committee Member
4. In the case of any dispute the serving Committee’s ruling (in line with this constitution) is to be taken
5. A list of the current committee is available on request from the Club Secretary
6. Team captains and Child Welfare officers may attend committee meetings

Team Play

1. We shall enter as many Teams as possible in local leagues
2. We shall register all members with the local leagues, Bucks County Badminton Association and Badminton England
3. Team members will be chosen by the relevant captain
4. Home matches are played on a Friday evening from 20:00 to 23:00
5. If it is necessary in exceptional circumstance for a match to be played on a club night the match will take over one court for the evening and have shared use of a second court as necessary
6. A match fee will be charged for each match
7. The match fee will be decided by the committee and members will be advised of this when annual fees are set

Club Nights

1. Club nights are held on a Tuesday evening from 19:30 to 22:45
 In the event of any club nights being cancelled due to public holidays or any unforeseen circumstances the committee will advise members as soon as possible
 No refunds will be given for cancelled evenings
2. On club evenings the following systems will be in force:
 Attendance below 24 – normal game scoring
 Attendance above 24 – games to be played to 15 points
 Attendance above 24 – winners and losers systems comes into play
3. The club will hold one or two tournaments during the season on a club night.
 Entry is open to all members
 A small fee will be charged for these events


1. We will offer membership in the following categories:
a. Full Membership
b. Junior Membership (for those in full time secondary education)
c. Guest Membership
i. Guest players may be brought to club evenings with the prior consent at least two committee members
ii. A guest fee will be charged for each attendance
iii. Attendance is limited to a maximum of three weeks after which they may apply for membership
iv. If the guest is accepted for membership the fees paid will be deducted from the subscription, which will be assessed on a pro-rata basis for the remainder of the season
v. A guest may play in excess of three occasions during the period 1st June and 31st August subject to the approval of at least two committee members
d. Match playing membership, see Registration of a previous HCA member as a match player
2. Membership is based on a twelve month period from 1st September to 31st August
3. All adult members of the Badminton Section must be registered members of The Hazlemere Community Association (HCA) and abide by the Association rules
4. The committee reserves the right to limit membership numbers to match the facilities available
5. The committee reserves the right to refuse or cancel membership if necessary

Membership Fees

1. Subscription fees will be determined by the committee and members will be advised, if possible, of the following season’s fees at the AGM
2. Subscription fees are an annual charge and cover the cost of members being able to play at club nights. The fee is due for payment on 1st September each year but, subject to the approval of the treasurer, may be paid in two parts on 1st September together with the balance lodged with the treasurer in the form of a post dated cheque dated for 1st January
3. The committee reserves the right to amend the subscription in the event of unforeseen circumstances. An Extraordinary AGM will be called for the approval of any increase
4. The subscription for those members in full time secondary education will be 50% of the normal fee
5. Membership is charged for an individual and cannot be transferred to any other person
6. Subscription fees must be paid within one month of the due date
7. After this time membership will lapse
8. Members who fail to pay the fees will not be eligible for match play
9. Subscription fees are non refundable when a member is unable to attend club night or leaves the club for any reason.

Registration of a previous HCA member as a match player

Where all club members interested in playing in a ladies, mens or mixed team in the Wycombe or CADBA leagues are in unanimous agreement before the start of the match season. Previous members of HCA may be invited to play in a team provided: 1. They are registered as a member of HCA with Badminton England and Bucks County; paying the associated fee if they are not registered with another club 2. Pay a Match member membership fee of £10 3. Pay the clubs standard match fees 4. Agree to abide to the clubs constitution when representing the club 5. The arrangement is agreed to and minuted by the committee in advance of team registration
6. Playing on club nights is restricted to the rules of Guest Membership


1. The serving Committees decision in any matter is final
2. An EGM can be called, upon notification to every Club Member 14 days prior, for matters of extreme urgency or importance
3. Quorum for an EGM will be deemed to be one half of the serving Officers, one half of the serving Committee and one third of the Club members
4. Should this quorum not be met a further EGM will be scheduled for 14 days hence
5. Should a quorum still not be met the meeting shall go ahead with those then present
6. Should dissolution take place any remaining funds will be passed to the Hazlemere Community Association

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