HCA Badminton Club Captains Checklist


Two weeks before Match

 Contact opposing captain – check fixture still OK (optional)

 Arrange team to be available on date

Week before Match

 Remind the team, ensure everyone knows venue and time

 If home match, arrange (tell) someone to do food

 If home match, check with Treasurer about shuttles

 Be contactable – people will call in sick or can't make it

 If required, phone round and get eligible replacement

 If weather going to be bad (heavy snow and ice etc.) be prepared to contact opposition Captain and postpone match until later – will be re-arranged by Fixtures Secretary


 Keep to hand CADBA League Handbook or access to CADBA website- contains rules, contacts and extra scorecards

 If home, welcome their team, tell them where toilets and food are. Check where parked – gates sometimes closed at other end

 Sort out pairings

 If home match, tell them who moves courts, fault re ceiling – no other obstacles

 If opposition are late, as per league rules in Handbook, claim matches

 Ensure our scorecard filled in by someone

 Be prepared to act as mediator in any disputes

 Check scorecards are same at end – sign scorecard

 Collect match subs from HCA team (½ price for Juniors, £0 if provided food)

 If home match, ensure Hall clear and locked

After Match

 If home match, offer to sign opposition into HCA bar

 Buy beer for team (optional)

 Winning captain takes / posts scorecard to Badminton Centre

 Handover subs to Treasurer

 Inform Fixtures Secretary of result and any problems.

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